It depends. Generally, it is not advisable on 2 reasons. The entire IGCSE programme is conducted in English. Proficiency in English is a pre-requisite to do well in this programme. Secondly, it is better to complete the full syllabus of Year 7, 8 and 9 to gain a stronger foundation.
Cambridge IGCSE can be used to apply for entry in local private colleges and universities. For more information, please check with the respective institutions.
Yes, provided the child’s academic performance meet our minimum requirement. However, if the child finds the programme challenging, it is advisable for the student to complete it in 5 years.
With MindRICH Fees Guarantee*, it ensures that any changes made later on will have zero effect on their child's school fees during their time at MindRICH exceptional Secondary School education. This means that no matter the price increase in the future, the price of education for the student will stay the same as the day they registered and will not change until the day they leave the door for the last time.
Yes, there are interesting programmes designed that are incorporated into this programme. There are weekly :
  • English Reading programme
  • Co-curriculum programme eg: Photography & Design, Hip-Hop Dance etc
  • Soft Skills Enhancement programme; Presentation-skill through MindRICH Opinion Corner (MOC)
  • Physical Education activities eg: badminton, basketball & futsal.
A catering service will be engaged to take care of these needs. The meal fees will be charged separately and collected on a weekly basis. The students will have their meals in the school's Cafeteria during morning break and lunch break.
Our dedicated teachers do offer additional assistance to needy students after class hours. For students who need continuous assistance, we also offer tuition classes at separate charges.
Yes, there will be monthly quizzes, mid-year exams and final exams conducted. The exam questions will be set and marked based on IGCSE examination standards.