2020 High Achievers’ Testimonials

My 4 years in MindRICH have been a life changing one; from a young, immature boy to the better person I am today, MindRICH has guided me impactfully along the way. Though my parents were sceptical at first, the diligence and kindness shown by all my teachers have since changed their minds. My achievements today wouldn’t have been made possible without the professional and all-round helpful teachers and administrators around me.

A big thank you to all the presentation skill subject called MindRICH Opinion Corner (MOC) for shaping me into a more socially confident person and allowing me to ace my first job interview. The benefits of presentation will definitely carry me a long way.

Parent’s testimonial: Mr & Mrs Teoh

We are extremely proud of our 2nd child recent achievements in IGCSE.
Over the last 4 years, all his dedicated teachers showed genuine care and guidance throughout Jason’s journey which we strongly believe is a major contribution to his success today.
The MindRICH Opinion Corner (MOC) has helped him express his thoughts in a professional manner; learnt boosted his confidence in public speaking and research skills
The opportunities provided by the school in encouraging him to participate in many competitions have widen his eyes and taught him lessons beyond the classroom.
The current pandemic situation is extremely challenging and tough for everyone. Yet, we were surprised that MindRICH continued to provide both quality and affordability despite the hardships. It was thanks to their support and guidance that Jason’s accomplishment was made possible.
With all things said, thank you to Team MindRICH and please do keep up the excellent work.

Teoh Xhu Wei
(2020) 8A*

MindRICH isn’t only a school but it was a place of opportunity for me to excel. I was able to strive academically thanks to hardworking and patient teachers who were always so willing to help and was able to grow as person thanks to the kind and nurturing people who surrounded me. MindRICH truly has made world class education affordable.

Parent’s testimonial; Mr & Mrs Sivan

Talking about education, every parent wants to give the best to their children. Of course, if they can afford, private schools are always the ultimate aim. However most private schools are known for their exorbitant cost but giving mediocre quality albeit a few which offers value for money.

When we decided to enrol our daughter in MindRICH, many things come to mind: Can they provide quality education that most private schools offer? Looking back, this was the best decision we made.

MindRICH has transformed our daughter to be a more complete student, not only academic wise but also very street wise. Their curriculum emphasises on wholesome education that prepares students for the future. MindRICH is the place to be for students to face the world.

Thank you, Mr Alan, teachers and all the staff who assist and help our daughter to achieve her results in the recent IGCSE exam.

Kaveena Natasha
(2020) 7A* 1A

“Knowing MindRICH as a home school when I first enrolled, I doubted the teachers’ teaching skills as well as the school’s environment. Today, I am more than delighted to say that all my doubts were totally unnecessary; tons of mind-booster competitions and fun activities were held just to ensure students will have an enjoyable learning experience throughout their academic period.

I am also proud to say that I have had a group of professional teachers who guided me step by step when I was struggling with the academic work. Their patience, sacrifice and dedication are part of the reasons of who I am today. Lastly, a huge thank you to MindRICH for providing me with an A-class education and a memorable secondary school life.”

Parents’ Testimonials; Mr & Mrs Chua

As Jessie’s parents, she has made us proud in all ways, especially with the recent success she has achieved in IGCSE.

We would also like to take this opportunity to show our wholehearted appreciation towards MindRICH. Throughout the four years Jessie has been with MindRICH, we have watched her grow into a creative, confident and courageous girl. Her transformation would not be possible without the persistent nurturing by MindRICH teachers. A genuine gratitude to Mr Alan, the school principal who organised extra class virtually for students during lockdown and never gave up when the IGCSE examination was nearly cancelled due to the terrible pandemic going on.

It was a sensible choice indeed, that we have chosen MindRICH for our child.

Chua Jessie
(2020) 7A* 1A

The best part of my experience at MindRICH has got to be the open- friendliness that this school promotes. Initially, it was difficult for me to adapt to the all English-speaking environment due to the lack of self confident. However, the teachers were all professional, friendly and ever ready to help me whenever I faced difficulties with my studies. With their encouragement, my English proficiency improved considerably. Furthermore, MindRICH offers great opportunities for students to participate in a wide range of activities. Students received recognition, both in academic aspect as well as extra-curricular activities. In conclusion, I more confident person now than before.

Parent’s Testimonials; Mr & Mrs Tee

We were glad that our daughter studied at MindRICH and gotten an excellent academic results. Besides, we were also impressed because the school has offered many opportunities for her to hone her presentation skill. The classes in MindRICH are small thus ensuring excellent interaction between teachers and students. As it is a Cambridge certified school, it provides a great English education environment for our daughter with dedicated teachers guiding her all the way. It is one of our best decision in choosing MindRICH for our daughter.

Tee Zi Ying
(2020) 7A*

Studying in MindRICH has been a unique experience for me. Before that, I always felt less confident in myself and getting only average results. Ever since I entered MindRICH, it changed. My teachers always encouraged me to push myself beyond my limits and have self-confident that I can achieve greater things. This has led me to getting flying colours in my IGCSE exams. Thank you MindRICH for a fun and educational journey.

Parent’s Testimonials; Mr & Mrs Lim

As parents, we would like to convey our gratitude to all at MindRICH for all the dedication, diligence and commitment rendered to students at MindRICH. A huge  THANK YOU to the teachers that guided Jun Jie throughout his years at MindRICH.  We have seen positive changes in him with a more mature and confident personality.

Lim Jun Jie
(2020) 5A* 2A

I have been a student at MindRICH for only two years. However, from what I experienced, I can tell you that MindRICH is a great place to learn. MindRICH expects nothing less than the best from each and every student. Teachers are here to teach but at this school they inspire too. They are compassionate and caring towards the students. I appreciate everything all of my teachers have done for me such as helping me when I’ve faced difficulties in my studies. They always encouraged me to try my best in my work. Thank you teachers.

Gan Zhe An
(2020) 5A* 2A

I would like to thank all of the teachers and staff at MindRICH for their time, patience and guidance. Without them, I would not be able to achieve such results. They honed me to be the person that I am today and ensure that I am not walking alone in this journey. Looking back, I have grown so much as an individual especially in my presentation skills. This is all due to the implementation of the MOC (MindRICH Opinion Corner) class; I was pushed out of my comfort zone and most importantly, I was able to build confidence in myself. It has been a privilege studying here at MindRICH and these unforgettable memories will always have a special place in my heart.

Renee Lim Wei Fen
(2020) 5A* 2A

I would like to extend my gratitude to all the teachers, administrators and the school principal for the wonderful experience in MindRICH. The dedication and motivation from the teachers have been one of the most important reasons that I achieved my academic results. Lastly, the MindRICH Opinion Corner, MOC lessons have allowed me to improve my presentation skills and also build up my self-confidence.

Lim Xiang Tat
(2020) 5A* 2A

Allow me to greatly show my appreciation towards MindRICH International Secondary School, especially towards all the teachers whom I respect the most. They guided me through all these years, giving me countless opportunities that made who I am today.

MindRICH has also enhanced my presentation skills with their unique MOC (MindRICH Opinion Corner) classes, which has taught me how important it is to be able to speak in front of people. Furthermore, I truly enjoyed the environment provided by MindRICH, as being able to hang out with friends in multiple areas such as the library makes it a pleasant experience. Last but not least, I would like to thank MindRICH again and also to all my beloved friends for giving me such a priceless experience in my life.

Parents’ Testimonials; Mr & Mrs Chin

Overall MindRICH has been an excellent school…in terms of providing the perfect academic environment to our kids. Because of this, my son became more interested in his studies. Furthermore, the school has given our son different roles to try out. For example, being an emcee, coordinator and more, which is fantastic because he was able to learn something more than just academic alone. MindRICH was a good school for our son to study. I would definitely recommend MindRICH to my friends and relatives. Thank you MindRICH!

Chin Chee Yong
(2020) 4A* 3A

All these years studying at MindRICH has been a lively and profound experience to all students. Studying at MindRICH is a unique experience for me because the teachers at MindRICH are exceptionally knowledgeable and helpful. MindRICH’s exposure towards presentation skills is unparalleled compared to any other international schools because of MOC (MindRICH Opinion Corner). This particular class has helped me to improve my presentation skills and also discover my other talent. At MindRICH, I did not only gain new knowledge but also learned many life lessons that cannot be learned elsewhere. With that, I would like to express my greatest gratitude towards all the teachers and staff at MindRICH. MindRICH will always have an important and special place in my heart forever.

Parents’ Testimonials; Mr & Mrs Teh

Overall, MindRICH has been a great school for our children with an excellent academic environment and wonderful culture and community. It helped develop a good foundation for our children, both in character building and educational fundamentals. I would definitely recommend this school to friends and relatives. Thanks a lot, MindRICH!

Teh Yee Hau
(2020) 3A* 3A

My life in MindRICH was pretty fun. The results that I got are all thanks to the teachers’ dedication and not to forget my friends that pushed me forward. Although my results were not the best at the start of my secondary school, but all my teachers were able to help improve them steadily to what I achieved today. Once again,  THANK YOU MindRICH…

Parents’ Testimonials; Mr & Mrs Tan

Congratulations to the teaching and management staff of MindRICH International Secondary School on yet another excellent achievement in last year’s IGCSE results and also the best so far! You accomplished raising my son, Tan Zhiwey’s academic and confidence level as you did for his brother Tan Zhixian, 3 years earlier and for that we are highly grateful! We wish MindRICH great success and an even higher achievement in the future.

Tan Zhiwey
(2020) 3A* 3A