2019 High Achievers’ Testimonials

My excellent results would not have been possible without the guidance, assistance and patience from my teachers, administrators and the school principal. My heartfelt gratitude to them for creating such a conducive learning environment that has enabled me to achieve my goals.  My time in MINDRICH was certainly an enriching one – the wonderful moments I have made here would always be cherished.

(2019) 7A*s 2As

My three years at MindRICH has truly left a positive impact on my life, I was able to excel both academically and socially. MindRICH allows me to discover, develop and explore my artistic capability. All my teachers were dedicated and professional in delivering their works.

Jeremy Lim’s Parent, Lionel Lim Testimonial:

MindRICH is indeed a very conducive school for students to enhance both their technical (hard) and soft skill sets. Both my sons have grown into a socially responsible and happy teenagers as a result of studying at MindRICH. The excellent management of the school, led by the Principal, Mr Alan Ng and his dedicated team of teachers and administrators, all of whom were willing to go the extra miles to provide proper guidance and motivation to the students has resulted in Jeremy being able to achieve such an excellent results. We will forever be thankful to MindRICH.


(2019) 6A*s 3As

Studying at MindRICH has been a once in a lifetime experience for me and I never expected to be able to learn so much/substantial learning (active teaching & learning) from my time here. I would like to express my heartiest appreciation to all the wonderful teachers who have helped me in achieving my academic goals.

(2019) 7A*s 1A

MindRICH has been my second home for 6 wonderful years. As I am a state athlete; I ended up missing some classes to go for training and competitions. I really appreciate the kind understanding shown by Mr Alan Ng, Principal and how helpful and efficient my teachers and the admin staff were as they kept aside and compiled notes on the lessons that I had missed.

Whilst it’s true that MindRICH is a new Cambridge school; they have been helpful and efficient in delivery their service to me. They provided me with tons of help emotionally and study wise. Through the presentations and projects that we were assigned; teamwork and leadership skills were enhanced while I have gained confidence in public speaking as well.

(2019) 5A*s 2As

Ng Chen Ting Parent’s Testimonial:

First of all, we would like to thank Mr Alan Ng, MindRICH’s Principal, management staff and especially to all the teachers of MINDRICH for their efforts and guidance to Alicia Ng. Their unique “Tripartite relationship between students, parents and teachers has groomed Alicia to be independent, confident and discipline.

MindRICH’s unique presentation skill subject called MOC (Mindrich Opinion Centre) has taught  her the effective research skill on current issues, encourages team spirit, critical thinking, and social interaction. It has also boosted her confidence level in public speaking which is critically needed in current challenging world. Prior to the final exam, all teachers put in extra efforts by conducting extra classes to get them prepared for the exams. As parents, we’re grateful to the school. To enroll her in MindRICH was truly a wise choice for us.

(2019) 4A*s 3As

Long Ying Xuan Parent’s Testimonial:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Alan and the teachers at MindRICH. Since joining MindRICH in 2017, Ying Xuan has shown a huge improvement in maturity and interest towards studies. I am proud of her confident nature and her positive attitude. I believe it is the combination of the school effort and my daughter that has worked so well. Thank you to everyone at MindRICH.

(2019) 4A*s 3As

First, I would like to extend my gratitude to the teachers in MindRICH International Secondary School for their endless support and guidance throughout my four years of studies. Their dedication and encouragement towards me were what fueled me with motivation that led me to the results that I have obtained. In this smaller environment, I was able to get the fullest attention from the teachers in the subjects as well as in presentation skill subject, MOC lessons. This has definitely helped me with my self-confidence and presentation skills which would play an important part in University. Here, I have also learnt that mutual understanding and teamwork between people as an important value to possess.

Yong Elin Parent’s, Mr & Mrs Yong Testimonial:

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Alan Ng, the principal of MindRICH International Secondary School, for being so committed and passionate in providing quality education.  Throughout Elin’s four years of secondary school education in MindRICH, she has developed into a mature thinking individual.  Apart from the academic aspect, she was taught to do analysis and to have critical thinking.   She also had the opportunity to tap into her research skills whilst preparing for her many presentation skill subject, MOC assignments. Along the way, she has learnt presentation skills and public speaking albeit in a small scale.  These are added advantages for her when pursuing tertiary education in the next few years.  We would also like to extend our gratitude to the dedicated teachers for providing valuable guidance to Elin, which we believe has contributed to Elin’s good results in IGCSE.

(2019) 5A*s 1A

MindRICH has made me who I am. A place where I grew up. My years in MindRICH were well spent. I was also lucky enough to watch MIndRICH grow. What once was a 50 student academy is now a Cambridge International School!

My gratitude goes to the people surrounding me, to the teachers’ ultimate understanding and support, to the people who saw and helped me grow into the person I am today. To Mr Alan who never gave up on me and told me I would succeed, and to the people who believed in me when I couldn’t.

With that, I once again thank everyone that has been with me in this unforgettable chapter of my life.

Shannon Parent’s, Otta & Allen Lim Testimonial:

We are over the moon and extremely proud of Shannon’s performance in the recent IGCSE.

She joined MindRICH at the age of 10 and throughout her years here, has built a strong bond with her teachers and friends. We are truly grateful to Mr Alan & his teachers for their guidance & care.

Her achievements in her social development as well as academics is a testament to Mindrich approach to secondary education. The teaching methods & internal examination system prepares students well. The regular MindRICH Opinion Corner (MOC) activity helped her to articulate her experiences and opinions well.

Counselling, coaching & encouragement also helped her tremendously.

Once again, our sincere thanks to MindRICH.


(2019) 7As

All the teachers are knowledgeable and are very good at teaching. They were willing to teach me again using a more understandable way if I didn’t really get it the first time. The teachers there also respect me as a student and treated me like a friend sometimes. All my friends are friendly and helpful too. Although MindRICH is small, it has students with very different skills and talents Lastly, the MOC class has allowed me to express my thoughts in many topics and also enhanced my self-confident.

Sect Yu Jun Parent’s, Mr & Mrs Sect Testimonial:

The teachers in MindRICH are very friendly and willing to give advises on how a student can improve their grades and their personality. The presentation skill lesson, MOC session has help tremendously my elder boy and daughter who had the privilege of studying at MindRICH few years ago. The school fees is very affordable and reasonable. In these four years of my son studying in MindRICH, he has been well disciplined and improved in his command of English both spoken and written as well.

(2019) 4A*s 2As

The Diether H. Haenicke Scholarship (USD $16,000/year) from Western Michigan University